Wooden Valley Carpentry is a Certified Manufacturer of Accoya Products including Siding, Decking, Windows and Doors and the Tricoya Panel products. Accoya products are durable, long lasting, low maintenance and can be used in the most extreme environments.

Durable, Stable and Sustainable

Wood without limitations – Accoya is the high performance wood which brings new possibilities for architects, manufacturers and homeowners. Building with wood is no longer a dance between design and practicality – you can achieve the beautiful finish you desire, without performance compromise or damaging environmental impact.

Your design should always look as beautiful as the day it was built. With Accoya, you can be confident in a wood that marries low shrinkage and minimum distortion with a 50 year lifetime warranty in above ground applications.


encapsulates all the properties of Accoya
make it such a great choice for
external applications, no matter the
environment. It means it competes
not just with hardwoods for
endurance, but also other materials
such as PVC and aluminium.


sums up all the reasons
designers and manufacturers love
working with Accoya – its flexibility
in natural and coated finishes
makes Accoya ideal for a variety
of applications.


is at the heart
of Accoya – its credentials are
world-beating. From source, to
production and through to end of
life, sustainability shines through.

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